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Ancient Egyptian Food and Drink This is an Ancient Egyptian Recipe. It is what the Ancient Egyptian used to eat and drink.

Ancient Egyptian Medicinal Plants Roselle fruit (Dark and Light), Majoranum hortensis, Sweet Basil, Camomile, Henna, Sage (North Sinai), Tamarind, Moghat (Owinat), Arak (Salvadora persica), Calotropis procera Aiton, Urgina maritime.

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Egyptian Cold Beverages

1) 'Ir' sus' - Licorice Juice.
2) 'Karkadeeh' - Hibiscus Drink (Red Tea).
3) 'Amar al-din' - Apricot Juice.
4) 'Tamr Hindi' - Tamarind.
5) 'Date' - Cold date beverage.

Egyptian Hot Beverages

1) "Sahlab" and 'Moghat'- Spiced Drink.
2) "Hummus Alsham" (chickpeas) - a spicy hot drink with hummus.

Egyptian Bread - 'Eesh baladi' - Egyptian Local Bread - Information and a recipe about the Egyptian bread.

Feteer Meshaltet - Short Crust Pastry.

Hors d'oeuvres (Side Dish)

1) Egyptian's Pickled Cucumbers. Khiyar Mikhalil with and without Garlic.

2) Egyptian's Bazngan Mkhalel. Egyptian's Pickled Eggplants in vinegar.

3) Lemon Pickles (Leimon Moasfar). Egyptian's Pickled (Leimon Moasfar).

4) Hummus - (Low Fat Vegetarian recipe). Hummus (pronounced Hum-es) is traditionally used as a dip with Pita bread, crackers or fresh cut veggies. Many people use hummus as a spread on sandwiches (instead of high cholesterol mayonnaise), as a topping on broiled fish or chicken, on baked potatoes instead of sour cream, or as the main ingredient in a vegetarian sandwich. Hummus is an exotic blend of pureed chickpeas, lemon, sesame tahini, oil, and spices with added flavors such as roasted garlic, roasted red peppers, scallion and dill.

Egyptian Soup

1) Bird Tongue Soup (Lesan Al Asfor) Bird Tongue Soup (Lesan Al Asfor) is beef and onion soup.

2) Lentils Soups - 1) 'Ads bi-gibba matbukh - Stewed Brown Lentils. 2) 'Kushari - Lentils, rice, and macaroni mixture. 3) Mujaddara - Brown Lentils Stewed. 4) 'Ads asfar matbukh - Stewed Split Lentils (1). 5) 'Ads asfar matbukh - Stewed Split Lentils (2). 6) 'Ads asfar bi-l-ruzz - Split Lentils with Rice.

Egyptian Breakfast

1) Bean - (Fuul Midammis) Breakfast usually consists of beans (Fuul Midammis), bean cakes (Ta'miya or Falafel), eggs, and/or pickles. Cheeses and jam - called nawahif, or 'dry things' are also part of breakfast meal.

2) Bean cakes - (Ta'miya or Falafel) Breakfast is usually consists of beans (Fuul Midammis), bean cakes (Ta'miya or Falafel), eggs, and/or pickles. Cheeses and jam - called nawahif, or 'dry things' are also part of breakfast meal.

3) Bileela - (Whole wheat grain) Bileela is a breakfast dish.

4) Du"a - (Spice mixture) Du"a is a breakfast dish.

Egyptian Lunch (Lunch is the main meal)

1) Oven Potatoes Tray (Saniat Patates Ba El-Lahma Fi Al-forn) Serves 10 people.

2) Cauliflower - Cauliflower with Eggs (Arnabet Ba AL-Baed), and Cauliflower with Tomato (Arnabet Ba AL-Tamatem)

3) Ros Mo-amar - Rice with milk and salt cooked in the oven. It is my favorite rice. Try it.

4) Fatta A-Ra'ba, Fatta Al-Lahma -- Fatta, with Neck or Beef - moisten bread with the boiling broth and cover with thick layer of rice. Wet the rice with the remaining yogurt, flavored heavily with garlic soup. Arrange the meat, neck or chicken around the rice, in a ring. It is great.

5) Bechamel - Bechamel Sauce, with Artichoke, Eggplant, Cauliflower, Gizzards, Peas, Spinach, and with Zucchini. Dimaa Misabbika - Tomato Sauce, Stewed. Lahma Li-L-Farm - Meat for mincing. Lahma Mua assaga - Savory Minced Beef (Two Ways).

6) Macaroni Bachamel (Bechamel), and Macaroni Bechamel Sauce.

7) Eggplant "Masaka" - Black Eggplant cooked in the oven. It is one of my favorites. Try it.
Also, There are several ways for Stuffed Eggplant, one way is (Bitingan Mahshi siami).

8) "Babaghanuuj" - Roasted and pureed eggplant - Tahina - Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan - 'Babaghanuuj' - tahina - Roasted and pureed eggplant.

9) "Koshari" and "Shatta": Hot Sauce Chili Peppers - Koshari is number 3 meal for average Egyptian after Foul Mudammas (Fava Beans) and Falafal. Serving Size: 8 people

10) Mahshy Cabbage - Mahshy cabbage takes hours to cook, but it is worth it.

11) Kosa Mahshiya - Zucchini, Stuffed - There are 4 different ways to cook Kosa Mahshiya - Zucchini, Stuffed.

12) 'Sambusak' - Turnovers - This is an Egyptian 'Sambusak' - Turnovers. This pastry is not a sweet dish.

13) (1) and (2) Lahma mu'assaga - Savory minced beef. 3) Lahma Mashwiya or Kebab - Grilled meat, 4) Kufta Mashwiya - Grilled Minced Beef. 5) Kufta Bi-Al-Fahma - Minced Meat with Charcoal Seasoning. 6) Kufta Bi-Al-Beed - Minced Meat with Eggs. 7) Kufta Bi-Al-Toom Wi-Al-Basal - Minced Meat with Garlic and Onion. 8) Kufta Bi-Al-Korrat - Minced Meat with leek. 9) Kufta Ras Al-'asfur (means "head of Sparrow", indicating the size of the meatballs) (Kufta Dawod Basha) - Minced Meat with Ground Rice. 10) Kufta Bi-Al-Khudar - Minced Meat with vegetables.

14) Kebab Halla - Lamb, Stewed (1) - Lahma Dani Matbukha - Lamb, Stewed (2) - Fakhda Dani Mashwiya - Leg of Lamb, Roosted (3) - Maza Matbukha - Shin of Veal, Stewed (4).

15) Mulukhiya - is a leafy summer vegetable (Fresh, Dried, Ta'lya, Tomatoes, Rabbit, Muluki (Roya), Bi-L-Samak (Fish), and Burani (unchopped - 2 Ways))

16) "Ol-As" - Colocasia moussaka, Creamed Colocasia, stewed with tomatoes, stewed with other vegetables and "Ta'liya" - Savory Minced Beef (Two Ways).

17) Several Egyptian Chicken Recipes - Tagin Frakh - Chicken Casserole: Fried, Grilled, and Stewed.

18) Ruzz Ahmar - Rice with Onion - This dish is always served with fish.

19) Hawosi (Aish Bellahma - Bread with ground beef) - Hawosi is like meat in pita bread wrapped in paper and baked in the oven.

20) Khalta li-l-khudar al-mahshi - Mixtures of stuffed vegetables. - 1) Dulma - Mixed stuffed vegetables. 2) Turli - Mixed vegetables casserole.

21) Bisara. - Crushed dried beans stewed with greens.

Fried and Grilled Liver:

Kibda ma'liya - Fried Liver (1), (2), and (3) - Kibda Mashwiya - Grilled Liver.

Kishk - Milky Cold Sauce

Kishk - Milky Cold Sauce - Kishk Li-l-Takhzin - Kishk, for storage (1), Kishk with Yogurt, Kishk Sa'idi Li-l-Takhzin - Upper Egyptian Kishk, for storage (2), Kishk Matbukh - Dried Kishk to cook.

Pigeons (Hamam):

Pigeons (Hamam):
1) Tagin Hamam Bi-El-Firik - Casserole of Pigeon with Hulled grain
2) For variety, try 2 cups of rice cooked in 2 cups of milk and 2 cups of stock with 1 teaspoon of cinnamon.
3) Hamam Mashwi - Pigeons Grilled in the Oven (Broiled)
4) Hamam Mashwi - Pigeons, Roasted in the Oven (Backed about 350 degree)
5) Hamam Mahshi - Pigeons, Stuffed.

Fish (Samak):
1. Samak bi-al-tahina - Fish with tahina sauce,
2. Sayadiyit al-samak - Fish, boiled with cooked rice,
3. Samak Mashwee - Grilled fish,
4. Samak ma'li - Fried Fish (One way),
5. Samak ma'li - Fried Fish (Second way),
6. Sayadiyit samak ma'li - Fried Fish cooked with rice,
7. Kuftit Samak - Fish fingers or patties,
8. Samak bi-al-tahina - Fish with tahina sauce,
9. Samak bi-al-khudar wi-al-tahina - Fish, with mixed vegetables and tahina sauce,
10. Saniyit samak bi-al-khudar - Backed Fish and vegetable,
11. Samak al-a"imma - Backed stuffed fish,
12. Tagin Samak - Ragout of fish,
13. Tagin samak bi-al-kuzbara - Fish ragout with coriander,
14. A variation of (13) is to use cumin rather than coriander,
15. Tagin samak bi-al-firik - Fish casserole with hulled grain,
16. Kuzbariyit al-samak - Fish cooked with coriander,
17. Another variation of (16) is to use cumin instead of coriander. The dish would then be called Kammuniyit al-samak, or fish cooked with cumin, and
18. Samak misabbil - Fish, stewed.

Oven Cod Fish (Or any large size Fish such as Pollock Fillet or Haddock) with vegetables and Tomato - (Potatoes, Carrots, Onion, and Tomato) Tray (Saniat Samak Ba El- Patates wa El-Tamatem Fi Al-Forn) Serves 6 people.

Ruzz Ahmar - Rice with Onion - This dish is always served with fish.

1) Shrimp Scampi (Gambary) - Gambari with garlic and rice cooked in the Oven
2) Kaburya - Crabs
3) Gambari - Prawns and shrimp, to cook
4) Sayadiyit Al-Gambari - Prawns and shrimps, with cooked rice
5) Gambari Ma'li - Shrimps, fried
6) Gambari Bi-l-Ruzz - Prawns and Shrimps, with cooked rice

Egyptian Sweet Dishes

1) "Halawa Sweet" - "AKA Sweet" - "Egyptian Sugar WAX" - "Hair Removal" - Assalya - You can eat it, and you can use it as "Hair Removal".

2) Basboussa (Called Cream of Wheat Cake, called, Coconut and Semolina Cake). Called Baseema. Also, called Haressa. - It is very easy to make. I recommend it for a student school project.

The recipe of sweet dish called Baseema is the same as the Basboussa recipe except you add a lot of coconut.

3) "Konafah" - (To serve 7 people) cooked in the oven. It is my favorite Egyptian sweet. Try it.

4) "Atayif (Katayf)" - Be-El Mukassarat (Atayif with Mixed Nuts or Sweet white sauce).

5) "Lkmt Alkady" - Zalabia - (To serve 4 people). Try it.

6) "Umm Ali (Ali's mother)" "Om Ali" - is a rich dessert invented by this woman (Umm Ali).

7) "Mehalabia" - is an Egyptian cold dessert like a pudding.

8) "Mihallabiyit'amar al-din - Pressed Apricot Pudding Recipe" - is another Egyptian cold dessert.

9) Date Nut Bars - Good luck.

10) Shakalama - There are three ways to make Shakalama.
Shakalama is a Short Crust Pastry with Coconut Macaroon, with Almond, or with Apple.

11) Ruzz Bi-laban - Rice Pudding.

12) Halwa Al-mawlid: Semsemiah, Foliah, and Hommosiah halwa.

13) 'Ashura - Whole Wheat Grain: This dish is traditionally prepared on the 10th of Muharram (the first month of the Islamic calendar).

14) Al Graibah and Kahk - (Eid Cookies) This dish is traditionally prepared at the end of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan for Eid celebrations.

Nisha and Do'ah

I received the following from: Nevonevo

Nisha is Starch and it is a mixture of Amylose and Amylopectin usually 20:80 or 30:70 ratios. These are both complex carbohydrate polymers of glucose. So basically it is a form of sugar.

I found your feedback while I was searching for Colcas.I love your website.

Condiment called do'ah is a mix of spices.
One of the main things in Do'ah is apricot seed, the single seed that is enclosed in a hard stony shell in the apricot fruit.
You will need to crack the shells and get the seeds out. Here is the recipe on how to make Do'ah from scratch:
apricot seeds
whole coriander
whole or ground cumin
black pepper
red pepper
First of all you will need to roast the whole spices, and to do this place them in a small frying pan or saucepan over a medium heat and stir and toss them around for 1-2 minutes, or until they begin to look toasted and start to jump in the pan.
Now transfer them to a pestle and mortar, crush them to a powder or coarsely grind them. This will be easier to do now that they have been roasted.
Good luck on your website, it is very helpful.

Thanks for Nevonevo

Egyptian's Spices

Egyptian's Spices - 24 Egyptian's Spices and Dukkah.

Curry Sauce with Vegetables - Salsah Curry Ba-Al-Khdar.

Egyptian Arabic Language Recipes from Al-ahram Arabic news paper:
Tagen Sety (for cold days) - Halawiat Sham Al-nsem (eastern Deserts) - Atbak Al-amthanat (Examination time recips).

1. Tagen Sety (for cold days):
(1) Tagen Dagag Ba Al-frek, 2) Tagen Ars Moamar, 3) Tagen Al-lahm ma Al-sgk.)
2. Halawiat Sham Al-nsem (eastern Deserts):
(1) Kaaket Sham Al-nsem, 2) Fataer Al-tofah, 3) Tortet Al-rabia.
3. Atbak Al-amthanat (Examination time recips):
(1) Koktal Al-khakh ma Al-bortkal, 2) Kwsaa Ba Al-zabady, 3) Felah Al-samak ma Salsa Al-laimon, 4) Kakat Al-mshmsh.
4. From Al Ahram News Paper January 16,1998 - Arabic Language only:
1) Kahak El Eid, 2) Kahak El Eid ba al-baking bawdr, 3) Garaiaba, 4) Betefor, 5) Baskawet Al noshader, 6) Baskawet Al nasha,
7) Shaklama, and 8) Karakesh.
5. From Al Ahram News Paper November 30, 2001 - Arabic Language only:
1) Batates wa ros, 2) Beef Strwganwf, 3) Dagag Mashwe, 4) Mkloba Al Bzngan, 5) Makronah Ba Al Gbn, and 6) Glash Ba Kramet Al Kshtah.

Food from the Arab World Try it.

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