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Ahmed Hamdy Eissa, originally from Egypt, currently living in Manchester, Connecticut, USA. Received Masters of Computer Science, Software Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute at Hartford branch (RPI) Troy, New York, USA.

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American Citizens Abroad Though based in Switzerland, this organization is aimed at Americans living abroad worldwide. Find general info, membership details and contacts.

Three Steps to Download (Baba Fain) song, Save on your C: drive, and make a music CD:
1) Download "KaZaa" software from the internet for free.
2) Use KaZaa software to search for the songs you wand (Baba Fain.mp3) from other KaZaa personal PCs, then download them to your PC.
3) Burning a CD: copy the songs from your C: drive to a blank CD.

IRS Unclamed money, Tax Forms, and more.

State of Connecticut All what you need in the State of Connecticut.

HSH Associates, Financial Publishers - The nation largest publisher of consumer loan information.
A resource site by the world's leading publisher of mortgage and consumer loan information.

Bankrate.com - Calculators: Utilize calculators specific to loans, mortgages, savings, credit cards, and auto leasing. Travelers can find one to calculate currency.

“Dark Treasures - The Shadow Box” - Free Clipart - Cultural Egyptian. Download Free Clipart, Fonts, Celtic Clipart, Music Clipart, Games, Screensavers, A Fantasy Art Gallery and More. No hassles, pop-ups or memberships.

Internet Software HoTMaiL, TUCOW.com - CuteFTP - Free software for 30 days, Map Blast (Locate a detailed Street map from almost any street address in the U.S), Internet Server Provider (ISP), JAVA World, The Java Developers Kit (JDK), Learn C++, Color Tutorial, PC World On-Line, Plug-Ins: display a list of availabel Plug-Ins on your system, and MIME types: display a list of available MIME types Plug-Ins on your system.

Bookpool Discount Bookstore for Tech Book Discounts!

Amazon.com Books, music, and more!

To Download Music CD Quality Size: 128 K of files (CD Quality), Frequency: 44 KH (Kilo Hartz).

"Hassan and Nagwa Productions - Middle Eastern Dance Troupe". (215)333-5642 or (201)876-9266 Entertainers (Dancers) - Nagwa Sai'd and her partner's name is Hassan Elbanna (originally from Cairo, Egypt). They are from Jersey, City N.J. They are entertainers (dancers) and Hassan is from the area (Rud Elfaarak). He is very well know in Egypt and here in America. They are looking for work. If you hear of any party or occasion PLEASE let them know and it would be very, very appreciated!!!!!! This is their website. All there information, photos, bios ect are on that site!!!!

Edmund's Consumer Information Experts - since 1966 - Find out new car prices.

Priceline.com Name your own price and Save.

Aetna Inc.

Center for Disease Control (CDC) - The National Prevention Agency Center for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC). Visit CDC, If you're traveling overseas, anywhere in the world and you would like to check diseases for a specific country. Then, select Travelers' Health for CDC Travel Information. Next, select Graphical Travel Map. Example: If you're traveling to Egypt, select North Africa. Then, page down until you find Egypt.

The University of Connecticut

McMaster University, 1280 Main St. West, Hamilton, Ontario L8S 4L8


Town of Manchester's Home Page Welcome to Manchester, Connecticut USA, a thriving small city in the growing eastern section of the Hartford region.

Manchester, Connecticut Board of Education - Link to: information on Manchester School Calender, Manchester High School Student Internet Club Home Page, and other information.

CU Online - Northeast Family Fedral Credit Union (NFFCC) 1(860) 646-9970 - A link to CU Online. Free Internet service to
1) Access your CU accounts. 2) View Account History. 3) Make transfers between Your Accounts. 4) Download financial information to MS Money or Quicken. 5) Pay Bills using the CU low cost bill pay srvice. Any problem contact Amber at Extention 120, or at amber@nefamily.org.

Cenconn Credit Union 1(860)224-3118, 3

Ing Direcrt Great Rates, no fees, no minimums.

Bank Of America Fleet Telephone Banking 1.800.432.1000, Monday - Friday, 7a.m.-10p.m., Saturday - Sunday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m., Local Time

Nour Heart, Inc.
Biotechnology and Inventure Capital Consulting Company
President: Salwa El Gabaly, Phone: 286-1118, Fax: 243-8891, E-mail
Salwa's consultation involves:
1. Writing Small Business Grants for State and Federal funding,
2. Establishing Clinical Trials with prominent Universities and Hospitals, and
3. Providing Scientific Consultation in the fields of Inflammation, Cardiovascular, and Ophthalmology.

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Tripo Disk space.

A L L S E A S O N S M O T O R I N N - Reservations 1-800-527-0359
Luxurious motel, non-smoking 114 guest rooms, have remote control color cable TV with VCRs, refrigerators, coffee makers, hairdryers, and individually controlled A/C-heat.
1199 Main Street , South Yarmouth, MA 02664 1-800-527-0359, 1-508-394-7600. Voted Best Mid-Cape Motel in 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000 Readers of Cape Cod Life Magazine.

Cox Communications, Inc. Main Home Page.

To read your Cox e-mail: User name: same as 1st part of e-mail, and your Password.

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