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Ahmed Hamdy Eissa, originally from Egypt, currently living in Manchester, Connecticut, USA. Rreceived Masters of Computer Science, Software Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute at Hartford branch (RPI) Troy, New York, USA.

Last Updated: March 26, 2005 - most of this information are from newspapers.

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Egypt Consulate in New York 1110 2nd Ave Suit 201, NY 10022.
Tel (212) 759-7120, 21, 22, to speak with someone Ex:10 (9-2).

The language of Egypt is Arabic. It is written from right to left, using an alphabet of 28 letters.
Cairo is the capital of Egypt, and the largest city in Africa. Its population is around 16 million. Egyptians are warm, friendly and generous, ambitious, intelligent, religious and proud.
The Pharaonic Village is a recreated village, with many attractions to familiarize you with life in ancient Egypt.

Alexandria is Egypt's major port and the country's second largest city, with a population of six million. It is cool and wet in winter, with refreshing Mediterranean breezes during the heat of the summer. Alexandar the Great founded the city in 332 BC on the site of a small fishing village, Rhakotis.

El-Khosous, a village in el-Qaliubiya governorate, north of Cairo, has a population of 1.3 million. This must make it the biggest village, not only in Egypt, not only in Africa, but in the whole world!

Ticket to Egypt, by Ahmed Hamdy Eissa. If you're planning on a trip to Egypt, visit this link.

An article about Ahmed Hamdy Eissa in Arabic language was written in the Egyptian weekly magazine “My Freedom” “Hariaty” on Sunday, November 18th, 2001 which is Ramadan 3rd, 1422 (Serial Number 615).

Daylight Saving Times

Beginning in 2007, the United States and Canada are extending Daylight Saving Time (DST) by three weeks in the spring and one week in the fall.

Country Begins Ends
U.S.A. On the 2nd Sunday in March @ 12:01 AM On the 1st Sunday in November @ 12:01 AM
Egypt On the last Friday in April @ 12:01 AM
In USA Arabic TV program change on Thursday @ 5 PM.
On the last Friday in September @ 12:01 AM or before Ramadan
In USA Arabic TV program change on Thursday @ 5 PM.

Usually there are 7 hours difference between Egypt and U.S.A
Egypt is earlier. When it is 7PM in Egypt, it is 7 Noon in USA. Because there are 2 "Daylight Saving Times" one in Egypt and one in USA, the time difference between Egypt and U.S.A. changes 4 times a year.

Marriage in Egypt - Legal Marriage in Egypt between an Egyptian and a non-Egyptian.

Divorce in Egypt - Women’s Unequal Access to Divorce in Egypt .

New Egyptian Marriage Contract as of August 2000. If you're planning on getting married in Egypt.
To be able to read it clearly in Arabic, Righr click on it and Print Picture. Sorry I do not have it in English.

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Muhammad looks to beat Union 'Jack'

Daily News - Thursday, June 7, 2007 - MUHAMMAD be nimble, Muhammad be quick, Muhammad jump over the candlestick - and Jack.
Government researchers said yesterday that Muhammad is the second most popular name being given to baby boys in Britain, and it's likely to beat out Jack as the No. 1 Moniker by year's end.
Last year, 5,991 baby boys were given one of the 14 different spellings of Muhammad (such as Mohammed or Mohammad) with 6,928 baby boys named Jack.
Thomas was in third place with 5,921 names, with Joshua and Oliver rounding out the top five.
But researchers say if the growth of the name Muhammad continues - it rose by 12% last year - the name is likely to take the top spot by the end of this year.
The increasing popularity of Muhammad, which means "one who is praise worthy," is being driven partly by the growing number of young Muslims having families, and the desire to name their child in honor of Islam's revered prophet, they said. Leo Standora

Important Islamic Dates (Hijra 1419 - 1421).
Islamic Center of Connecticut Home Page.

Women can't lead men in Islamic prayer - Egypt cleric
Wednesday March 23, 10:40 AM

CAIRO (Reuters) - It is wrong for a woman to lead an Islamic prayer service that includes both men and women, Egypt's highest Islamic law authority said on Tuesday, days after a woman led Islamic prayers in the United States.

The office of Egypt's chief interpreter of Islamic law announced its position in a statement in response to the actions of Amina Wadud, who led men and women in an Islamic prayer service in New York on Friday, March 18, 2005., officials told Reuters.

Another woman Nakiah Jackson led men and women in an Islamic prayer service in Boston on Friday, March 25, 2005.

"As for the call to prayer by a woman, giving the Friday sermon or leading the Friday prayer ... it is not allowed," the office of Ali Gomaa, The Grand Mufti of Egypt, said in the statement.

It is mandatory for Muslim men to attend communal Friday prayers whereas attendance for women is optional.

"As for women leading men in other communal prayers, the vast majority of scholars say it is forbidden," said the mufti's office, also known as Dar al-Ifta.

Wadud's service was covered in front-page reports in several Egyptian newspapers, some of which said the service challenged Islamic principles.

"As for men and women praying in one row mixed together, this is not permissible in any situation," the Gomaa's office said.

Typically, Muslim women sit behind men in worship services, or pray in another part of the mosque. In some cases, they enter a mosque through a back or side door.

However, men and women are not separated while worshipping at the Kaaba in Mecca but carry out communal prayers in different areas during the rites of the Islamic annual Haj pilgrimage.

Orthodox Jews also segregate men from women during religious services and Roman Catholics do not allow women to hold important leadership roles.

To make (Moadla) - Register and Stamp (Khatm Al Gamohria) your American Degree from Al Maktab Al Talemy in Washington, DC not from NY:
1) You can not get an official seal for your "Diploma", you must mail an "Official Transcript" of your degree.
2) You can not do it in the Egyptian Consulate in NY. You must mail it to the Egypt Culture & Education Office, 1303 New Hampshire Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20036
3) It is free, but you need to mail a return stamped envelop, an "Official Transcript" of your degree, and a copy of it.
4) You must mail it to:
Mr. Hassan Alash Hassan
Egypt Culture & Education Office
1303 New Hampshire Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20036
Tel. No. (202) 296-3888
Fax No. (202) 296-3891

To make (Moadla) - Register and Stamp (Khatm Al Gamohria) your American Degree in Cairo:
1) American Consult in Cairo will send you to (AMidEast) 23 Mossadak St, Dokki, Egypt. Tel. (02) 337-8265 (9 Lines) (02) 337-8277 Sund-Wed 8:30 to 3, Thursday 8:30 to 12 noon, Fri and Sat closed. LE 183.5 or $30. You have to come back the next business day to pick it up.
2) The next step is to stamp it from (Wazart Al-Karigia) which is (Maktab Al-tasdikat in Cairo). There are 12 offices. You can get a list from (AMidEast) The nearest office to Dokki is in Al-Mhandseen in Cairo: Gamat AL-dawal Al-arabia ST, Amam Al-Sok Al-Hora. It is not a building. It is a "Kosk". You'll need to extra Zerox copy of your degree (Both Sides). You can Xerox it next to the "Kosk". You'll stamp it while you wait. After you stamp it, make 3 copies (both sides).
3) Go to Cairo University, Geza, (Wazaret AL-talem AL-aly) building. They'll give you the running around and ask you to get a letter from your University that you was a full time student. When you tell them you was a part time student, they'll ask you to get your passport to prove you were in the USA at the time of studding. In spite of you have an "Official Transcript" of your degree which show each subject the time and the grade, they will say it may phony. It is terrible. If you do not have your old passport, they'll ask you to get "Shahadet Taharokat" from "Mogama Al-tahrer". You go there, window 72, where the garbage dump. They through garbage and dirty water over your head, and piles of garbage next to you. Then, you have to come back the next day after 1:30 to 2:30 PM close. After all that "Shahadet Taharokat" will say (Lam Ustadal Alih). Also, there computer start gathering data from 1990. If you have an old Egyptian or American passport take it with you. After all that, they may ask you for something else.

5 Years Visa to stay in Egypt for Investors can be renewed, and 3 Years Visa for foreigners who are married to Egyptian women:
Egypt new law 2001, could allow a temporary 5 years Visa can be renewed to Egypt for:
1) Foreigner investors,
2) Egyptians who lost their citizenship due to obtaining another citizenship.
3) Their kids who obtained the Egyptian citizenship.
4) People over 60 years old and lived in Egypt 10 years.

The visa is for 3 years can be renewed for foreigner who are married to Egyptian women.
The visa is for 5 years can be renewed for foreigner who are married to Egyptian men.

The visa (Tarkhes) cost EL 5 for a new or for renewal.

Al-Ahram (Egyptian newspaper), Friday, August 03, 2001,
A foreign wife that is married to an Egyptian can have a "Five Year Visa" to stay in Egypt with the decision or the permission of the " Egyptian Interior Minister". The "Five Years Visa" is renewable.
When the wife applies or renew the "Five Year Visa", her Egyptian husband does not have to be in Egypt to sign the "Egyptian husband Wife Support" Form.

Egyptian Citizenship Laws:
Number 2 of Law Number 26 for 1975:
The Blood Right is a base to carry and gain the Egyptian Citizenship:

- Whoever is born from an Egyptian father,
either the birth occurs inside or outside Egypt, and
either the Egyptian father lives in or outside Egypt.

-An Egyptian woman who is married to a foreigner keeps her citizenship,
unless she desires to gain her husband's citizenship
and signed her wish when she got married, or
during the marriage and her husband's country citizenship laws allows her to gain his country's citizenship.
In spite of all that, she still keeps her Egyptian citizenship, if she declares her wish in writing within one year from gaining her husband's citizenship.

Egyptian Law for a Foreigner woman who is married to an Egyptian Citizen and wants to gain the Egyptian Citizenship:
Number 7 of Law Number 26 for 1975:
1) A foreign wife must write a request (Form) to the interior minister, her wish to obtain the Egyptian citizenship.
This form should be sent to the immigration office manager in Cairo or any other county (Mohafaza), or to any Egyptian Consulate overseas.
She must get a receipt.
She does not have to do that as soon as she is married, but she can do it any time during marriage.

2) She must be married at least 2 years.
She does not have to live in Egypt to send her letter to the interior minister to make sure continuous and seriousness of the marriage.
In case the husband dies less than two years from the marriage date, she still can apply after the two years from the marriage date.

3) To gain the Egyptian Citizenship, within these two years, the interior minister can deny her citizenship with a reason.
If he denies her without reason, then she can appeal it.

After two years from writing the letter, if she did not receive a denial from the interior minister, then, the foreign wife gains the Egyptian Citizenship automatically by the power of law without any other work on her part.

To Renew your Egyptian Passport 1st time in NY, USA:
1) Wife or daughter need a written permeation from the husband or father.
2) Your old Egyptian Passport and a copy (pages 2 to 9), if you have one or if you have a family passport.
3) 4 pictures.
4) Medical Certificate "Blood Test" may be needed.
5) A letter from college or her degree, if she was graduated.
6)Fee: $75 + $2 registration + $12.5 Overnite mail fee for your passport, when it is ready.
7) Wait for 1 to 2 weeks.
8) Egyptian birth certificate and a copy, may be needed.

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For an Egyptian Citizen to make a new Egyptian Passport 1st time in NY, USA for your Daughter:
For an Egyptian Citizen who become an american citizen and want to make a new Egyptian Passport 1st time in NY, USA for his daughter who born in USA and never lived in Egypt and does not speak Arabic but who has an Egyptian birth certificate made in Al Abasia, Cairo, Egypt.
Advice, always take the orignal document/certificate/passport with you.
1) Egyptian birth certificate and a copy.
2) Your daughter American Passport & a copy (Pages 2-9).
3) Your daughter Egyptian birth certificate, and a copy.
4) 4 pictures.
5) Fee: $75 + $2 registration + $12.5 Overnight mail fee for your passport, when it is ready.
6) Wife or daughter may need a written permeation from the husband or father.
7) Passport will be mailed to you within a week.

To keep your Egyptian citizenship when you get another citizenship:
This is useful for males under 30 years old to avoid going into the army. It is not needed for females.
To loss the Egyptian citizenship you must write to the Interior Minster of Egypt requesting to drop it.
1) Write a form (available at the Egyptian Consulate in NY) to the Interior Minster of Egypt requesting to keep your Egyptian citizenship after you get other country citizenship. Give the letter to Mr. Hassam Al Deab in NY.
Consulate of Egypt in New Yourk
1110 Second Avenue, Suit 201
New York, NY 10022
Tel. No. (212) 759-7120 To speak with some one Ex: 10
Fax No. (212) 308-7643
2) Your ID (Bata Shakhsia or Aaelia or Al rakam Al Kawmy) and a copy of your ID.
3) If applicable, the number of your Army Service Certificate (Al Rakam AL Solasy).
4) Good Egyptian Passport not expired and a copy (Pages 2 to 9).
5) A copy of your American Passport to prove you visit Egypt.
6) Your Egyptian birth certificate.
7) Your Egyptian father's birth certificate.
8) The number and date of optaining your USA citizenship and a copy of your USA citizenship certificate may be needed.
9) Fee: $22, $27 or by mail money order or $90 depending on who you meet.
10) Call Consulate of Egypt in New Yourk in NY, after 2 to 3 months.
11) You must pick a copy of the approval letter yourself or sent mony order $12.50 to mail it to you. If are in Egypt you can pick the letter up from Mogama Al tahreer.

To make your Egyptian SSN (Al Rakam Al Kawmy):
1) You can not make it in the USA. You must make it in Egypt.
2) In Cairo, from: Al Abasia Sqare (Medan Al Abasia), Maslahat Al Ahwal Al Shahksaiah). It is very crowded. Go early in the day.
3) In Mohavazat from, Police Station.
4) If you have a degree from another country you must make moadla from "Wazarat Al taalem AL Aaly" from the University of Cairo.
5) You will need: Marriage, Divorce certificate (from the court from the town where you got divorced in Egypt), Medical Blood Type (now is not required but it will be in the future), your parents birth day, and birth place, your College Degree Certificates.
6) You must fill a form LE 15 (LE 70 for Mistagal 3-4 days).
7) They will take your picture.
8) You must pick it yourself in 2 to 3 weeks.

New law making it easier for Egyptian women to obtain a divorce
Egypt's top theologian Egyptian Mohammed Sayyed Tantawi, the moderate grand sheik of Al-Azhar approved a new law making it easier for women to obtain a divorce.

Under the old divorce law, women had to prove physical or psychological harm to obtain a divorce, and sometimes spent years waiting for the decree. Men in Egypt can divorce their wives any time and without court approval.

The new law, which took effect in March, 2000, allows women to declare before a judge their desire to divorce. After a three- to six-month waiting period to attempt a reconciliation, the divorce is granted.

Egyptian Divorce Legal Systems
Under Egyptian divorce law, a child's custody passes from the mother to the father when a son reaches 10 years and a daughter 12. In disputed cases, a judge can allow a mother to keep her son until the age of 15 and a daughter until she marries.

Such laws, rooted in Islam, contrast with Western legal systems.

New Law: Mother Child Custody for her Children Changed on February 28, 2005 – Al Ahram newspaper.
Children custody ends when the young boy or girl reach 15 years old. Also, the judge is allowed (after the child reaches 15 years) to give the children a choice between staying with who has original custody without child support until the child reaches age 18 years old (Sen Alroshd), or until the child gets married.

Western Divorce Legal Systems

Western legal systems tend to award a child's custody to father, mother or both, according to what courts perceive to be in the child's interest.

Child's custody in USA for Egyptian citizens muslims couple were married in Egypt.

Death for converts from Islam:
Afghanistan's Taliban Ex-rulers, March 2001, imposed
the death penalty for anyone who converts from Islam to another religion.

Any non-Muslim found trying to win converts will also be killed.

The Taliban enforce a strict interpretation of Islamic law in Afghanistan. Women are barred from working, and the Taliban have stopped all schooling for girls beyond age 8.

Men are required to wear beards and pray in mosques without fail, while women must wear head-to-toe covering. Most forms of entertainment have been outlawed, including television and music other than religious songs.

Mansurah city - the Queen of the Egyptian Nile Delta
- Mansurah, the 'victorious' city, was founded on the site of the Mamluks' triumph over invading Crusaders under Louis IX. With its elegant Nileside villas from the age when cotton was king and its light-skinned, fair-haired inhabitants, the city is regarded as Queen of the Nile Delta.

Monthly Salary for Egyptian Servant
"Al Akhbar" News Paper: March 16, 2002 - Also, I added some of my knowledge.

Egyptian Servants are usually female and works unlimited hours, 1 to 3 weeks a year vacation to visit family. Most of the Egyptian Servants are live-in worker. Master has to pay for food, cloth and a place to sleep.

There are 3 sets of age catagories:
1) 13 years old to 17 years old: (This age is desirable for not rich families)

Live-in EL200 to EL250 = ($45 to $55)

2) 18 years old to 24 years old: (This age is desirable for able and rich families)
Live-in EL700 = ($155)

The majority pays:
Live-out EL300 to EL350 = ($65 to $75)
Live-in EL400 = ($88)

3) 25 years old to 40 years old: (This age is not desirable)
Live-in L800 = ($174)

Monday, January 6, 2003 - CAIRO, Egypt:

A presidential decree making Christmas -- which falls on Tuesday on Egypt's Coptic Christian calendar -- a national holiday is focusing attention on relations between Christians and Muslims in this overwhelmingly Islamic country.
It is the first time a Christian holiday has been officially recognized in modern Egypt. In the past, only Copts, as Egyptian Christians are known, got Christmas off, while the rest of Egypt worked as usual.
A statement posted on Islammemo, a Web site devoted to conservative Islamic comment, said President Hosni Mubarak made Christmas a holiday because of U.S. pressure to prove Egypt was democratic and respected minorities' rights.
"It is so strange that the regime is giving the people one more day off, while most government employees are not hard workers," prominent Brotherhood member Essam el-Erian said. Christmas became Egypt's 18th national holiday.
Copts have a long history in Egypt -- tradition says St. Mark brought Christianity to Egypt just a few years after the death of Christ. Copts were once so dominant here that their name is the ancient name for all Egyptians. Now they are estimated at just 10 percent of Egypt's 68 million people.
Copts survived Roman persecution and Arab conquest, and today are generally free to worship in Egypt. But some complain of tensions with the Muslim majority and some say they face discrimination, particularly in the job market.
While marking Christmas is perhaps the most dramatic move, it is not the first time Mubarak has addressed the concerns of Copts.
Last year, Mubarak made it easier for Copts to renovate churches by allowing his aides to grant permission for the work. In the past, only the president could grant such permission, creating long delays.
For the last two years, state television has broadcast Coptic Christmas and Easter services.
Copts also demand more political representation. Copts won three of 454 seats in parliament during 2000 elections and a fourth was appointed by Mubarak. Politicians argue they can do little if voters won't elect Copts, but Coptsa said Mubarak could appoint more Copts to executive positions.
Nabil Abdel Fatah, a Muslim who edits an independent review of religious affairs, said the government is working on behalf of Copts.
He cited "a step-by-step policy, begun first by giving space to Coptic writers in opinion pages in semi-governmental newspapers, assigning Coptic figures to ministerial positions, and finally with the national holiday."

New Rules to make “International Driver License for Egyptians” in Egypt after Septemper 11, 2001:
There are Two Steps:
Step 1: You have to go personally to (Ma-kar E-Da-rat Al-mo-ror) in Nassr city and get (Shahadat Bahth Ganaey) which is “Criminal Invistigation Certificate”.
Step 2: Then, go to (Nadi Al-Sairat) which is “Cars Club” to get “International Driver License for Egyptians”.
This process could take 2 days from you and you may not use it after all.

Some Free customs for Egyptians who works outside Egypt in Arabic:
You may need "Acrobat Reader ME (Middle Eastern)" to read it. You can down load it for FREE from
Used personal cloth, gifts, 1 liter of alcohol beverage, 1 litter colon, 200 grams cigarettes or 25 cigars or 200 grams tobacco. Also, medals, and stars won in international competitions, and all what he/she is carrying from cameras, typewriters, or computer or radio, recorder, video, and sun glasses, and other things that is used in trips either used or new. Also, personal jewelry but writes them down on his/her passport to make sure they take it outside Egypt when they leave.

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