Ahmed Hamdy Eissa, originally from Egypt, currently living in Manchester, Connecticut, USA. Received Masters of Computer Science, Software Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute at Hartford branch (RPI) Troy, New York, USA.

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Some Egyptian Laws and Facts
It is very very useful. All Egyptians in USA must visit it.

An article about Ahmed Hamdy Eissa in Arabic language was written in the Egyptian weekly magazine “My Freedom” “Hariaty” on Sunday, November 18th, 2001 which is Ramadan 3rd, 1422 (Serial Number 615).

Dual US/other citizenship FAQ. Questions and answers on dual US/other citizenship.

Egypt Consulate in New York 1110 2nd Ave Suit 201, NY 10022.
Tel (212) 759-7120, 21, 22, to speak with someone Ex:10 (9-2).
Email: egyptcg@aol.com

New Arab Keyboard. Now you can write in Arabic.

Egypt Daily Newspaper: in English Language.

Algomhuria Newspaper: Algomhuria in Arabic Language.

CIA -- The World Factbook -- Egypt.

Arab Top Web Sites. BBC Radio news.

Virtual Egypt: Make your own cartouche of your name with hieroglyph translator.

Egyptian Identification Card “Batakat Al-rakam Al-kwmy” (Bdal Fakd Aw Talf) and Birthday Certificate (Shahadat Al melad)
Through the internet, you can get:
1) “Batakat Al-rakam Al-kwmy” (Bdal Fakd Aw Talf), LE 30,
2) Birthday Certificate (Shahadat Al melad), LE 15.
You can do that by completing two forms.
The first form requires:
1. The requester name.
2. His Al-rakam Al-kwmy.
3. His mother name.
4. Home and work addresses.
5. Home and work telephone number.
6. Home and flat number.
7. The police station in his home district (Kasm Al-shorta Al-taba lh).
The second form requires: information about his credit card (Batakat Al-aatman Al-kasa Bh) to pay for these services.
Also there is a postal fee of LE 3.5 for express mail to mail the certificates to you within 72 hours in Egypt.
Through the internet, any person can obtain 53 certificates at one time and pay only once for express mail.
Any person can obtain birth certificates for some relatives such as father, mother, brother, sister, and cousins (Abn Al-am aw Abn Al-khal).

Three Steps to Download (Baba Fain) song, Save on your C: drive, and make a music CD:
1) Download "KaZaa" software from the internet for free.
2) Use KaZaa software to search for the songs you wand (Baba Fain.mp3) from other KaZaa personal PCs, then download them to your PC.
3) Burning a CD: copy the songs from your C: drive to a blank CD.

Egyptian Satellite Channels. 10 Specialized Nile Channels.
To see "Nile Drama Channel" Daily Program:
1) Select "Kta-a Al-Nel Ll-Kanawat Al Motakhasasa".
2) Click on top flashing Button: "Kanat Al-Nel Ll-Drama".
3) Click on the right side Button: "Al-Brnameg Al-Yawmy".
4) Select a date, and click on "Akhtiar". If you select a future date, you may not get data. Then, select today date or yesterday date.

To see "Egyptian Satellite Channel (ESC)" Daily Program:
1) Select "Kta-a Al-Nel Ll-Kanawat Al Fadaia".
2) Click on the right side Button: "Kaf Al-Fada-aia Al-Masria".
3) Click on the 2nd Button from the right: "Al-Brnameg Al-Yawmy - Amerika".
4) The "brnamig" should be displayed automatic. If it did not, then, select a date, and click on "Akhtiar". If you select a future date, you may not get data. Then, select today date or yesterday date.

Ticket to Egypt, by Ahmed Hamdy Eissa. If you're planning on a trip to Egypt, visit this link.

Egyptian Personal Pages

The Egyptian Castle "The Egyptian Castle", the unofficial site for Egyptian businesses, travel, culture, music, shopping, services, history and more. Here we have gathered information that could assist Egyptians around the world while providing a friendly atmosphere to anyone curious to know a little bit more about Egypt.

Ancient Egypt.

Other Egyptian Sites

Egypt State Information Service 2005: Your waygate to Egypt: Live TV, Live Broadcast, Egypt Online, Cairo Press Review, ... etc.

The American University in Cairo (Egypt).

Telecom Egypt: The Egyptian Telecommunications Company, was the sole public authority entrusted by law to provide all public Telecommunications services in Egypt, Thus establishing Telecommunications networks all over the country and updating services to cope with international standards in these fields.

Telecom Egypt - 140 Online - Dalel Telephonat Misr: English and Arabic. The official telephone directory of Egypt.

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