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Islamic Center of Connecticut

While Islam grows in popularity in the United States, its deepest roots are in Middle Eastern and north African nations. In Egypt, for example, 90 percent of the population is Muslim. The faithful are called to prayer five times a day. In mosques and homes and even on the streets, they kneel and proclaim the basic tenant of the Muslim faith: There is only one God and Mohammed is his prophet.

Important Islamic Dates (Hijra 1421 - 1442).

Directions to the Islamic Center of Connecticut.

Islamic Center of Connecticut Prayer Time.

The American Finance House The "Halal" Financing and Investments.

Marriage Facts and Immigration Latest news in USA There are 29 states that let first cousins marry. In Mississippi, females can marry at 15; most other states they must be 18.

MECCA, Saudi Arabia, Hajj (CNN - August 14, 1999)

Islam colors followers' entire lives (December 18, 1995).

Muslim Cemetery, Enfield, CT, USA This is home to what is believed to be the only exclusive Islamic cemetery in New England. The North Maple Street land was purchased in 1984.
The circular cemetery is now the final resting place for approximately three dozen residents, but some of whom were born as far as Ethiopia, India, Bosnia, and Bangladesh. Many of the grave stones are engraved in Arabic.
The plots are free and available to any Muslim in the United States.
The only costs the Islamic Center cannot cover are funeral home expenses and the cost of digging the grave.
Muslims interested in being in the North Maple Street cemetery may call the Islamic Center in Windsor at 249-0112.

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