Egyptian Recipes Egyptian food I cook and love to eat. Try it.

The Egyptian Cultural The Egyptian populous divided into four cultural groups consisting of Copts, Bedouins, Nubians and Egyptian peasants, or fallahin.

Interesting USA marriage facts - Different interesting facts, such as: marriage in USA, and some USA Laws of Immigration.

Interesting Egyptian marriage facts - Different interesting facts, such as: marriage in Egypt, and some Egyptian Laws of Immigration.

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Egyptian Links: Egyptian Newspapers, Tickets to Egypt, Important Islamic Dates, New Egyptian Marriage Contract, and other Egyptian Sites.

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New Cairo Map

CIA - The World Factbook -- Egypt -- This periodically updated country study provides current, detailed, background information for research on contemporary Egypt & its history - Geography, ...

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Explanations of Islam etc.

Important Islamic Dates (Hijra 1419 - 1421).
Islamic Center of Connecticut Home Page.

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