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Baby Lucas was born on November 7, 2011, in Manchester Memorial Hospital, Manchester, CT, USA.

Lucas 2 years and Lucas 1 year making a face.

Lucas 2 months old - 2 years - 2 years.

Lucas 5, 6 and 10 months old. And toddler Lucas 11 months old. Toddler Lucas 16 months old. And "Gedo" Ahmed Hamdy Eissa Ibrahim.

In 2009, Lucas name was the 10th most popular name in the USA.

Lucas is the Latin form of the Greek name Loukas, meaning "from Lucania".[1] Gained popularity from the biblical personality and gospel author Saint Luke.

Luca (or Luka) is a common male given name derived from Latin name Lucas, translation of Ancient Greek Loukas. Luca and Luka are cognate of name Luke. Luca is common in Italian, Romanian, and Maltese.[1] Luka is encountered in Georgian, Russian, Slovene, Serbian, Montenegrin and Croatian.[2] The name is common among Christians as a result of Luke the Evangelist.
Luca is also a Hungarian female given name, the equivalent of the English Lucy.

Lucas is a 2002 novel by Kevin Brooks about a teenager named Cait who lives on an isolated island off the coast of England and befriends outsider Lucas, eventually falling in love with him only to see the island's prejudices come to life.

The Lucas numbers are an integer sequence named after the mathematician François Édouard Anatole Lucas (1842–1891), who studied both that sequence and the closely related Fibonacci numbers. Lucas numbers and Fibonacci numbers form complementary instances of Lucas sequences.

Lucas County is the name of two counties in the United States: Lucas County, Iowa and Lucas County, Ohio

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Baby Jacob was born on Wednesday, October 28, 2015, in Manchester Memorial Hospital, Manchester, CT, USA.

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