Bazngan Mkhalel - Egyptian's Lemon Pickles (Leimon Moasfar)

Lemon Pickles (Leimon Moasfar) - Egyptian's Pickled (Leimon Moasfar)


1. Two Pounds lemons (about 20 lemons) preferrd green lemons.
2. Half a pound hot green or red peppers.
3. A jar big enough to hold the lemon and the peppers.

4. Filling:
1) Two soup spoons of Black Seeds (Habat Al Baraka).
2) Six soup spoons of Asfor (Saffron).
3) Three soup spoons of Salt, or add salt to taste.


1. Boil the lemons in water until it is cooked. Do not over cook it. When it's color starts to change from green to yellow turn it off.
2. When the lemons cool, cut each lemon 4 ways but not all the way.
3. Leave the lemons in water for a week. Daily, change the water.
4. Cut the hot green or red peppers into small pieces (the size of a lemon).
5. Mix the filling together.
6. Fill each lemon with about half teaspoon of the mix.
7. Put the lemons in a row in the jar.
8. Cover the lemons with the peppers.
9. Repeat the last 2 steps putting the lemons in the jar and cover them with peppers until all lemons are placed in the jar.
10. Fill the jar with water and cover it (seal it).
11. Wait for about 10 to 14 days before eating it. The length of time depends on the thickness of the lemon skin.
You can use it for a couple of months without putting it into a refrigerator.

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