Egyptian Recipe - Egyptian Sweet Dishes

Egyptian's Sweet Dishes

1-Konafah (To serve 7 people)

What exactly Konafah is ?

Konafah is an Egyptian dessert dish for feasts and everyday during the fasting holy month of Ramadan. You can use it, when doing a school project on Egypt (it is not an Ancient Egyptian dish). Konafah is easily attainable. This would be a good recipe for your daughter or son to make for her/his project. If you're looking for another recipe, Please use any recipe in my home page, I would recommend. You have to buy a special dough "Shredded Fillo Dough" (Kataifi) from a Middle Eastern store or you may find it in your local store. Good luck.

Konafah is uncooked shredded "Filo Dough". Which can be bought from any International Middle Eastern Grocery Store.


One Kelogram = 2.2046 Pound.

1 LB konafah
1 LB butter(melted)
LB walnuts
LB unsalted Peanuts
LB coconuts
1 teaspoonful fine ground cinnamon


1 cups of sugar
1 cups. of water
1 teaspoonful of lemon juice
1 teaspoonful of vanilla.


1) Preparation of Syrup

Add sugar to water, stir on mild -heat stove until dissolve.
Add lemon juice and boil for 30- 45 minutes using minimum heat until it gets viscous and thick.
Allow it to cool to room temperature.
Add vanilla.

2) Preparation of the nuts

Convert the nuts to small particle in the size of sesame seeds.

Mix with coconuts and cinnamon.

3) Preparation of Konafoh

Use 9 x I I inch tray; coat all sides of the tray with butter Mix konafah with molten butter.

To do so, try to divide it to small pieces to be mixed with butter.

After mixing, divide konafah into two equal quantities.

Spread the first half of konafah in the tray and try to press it and make its surface even.

Spread the nuts mixture over it.

Then, add and spread the second half.

Press it with f-ingers, makes its surface even.

- Add the remainder amount of butter on the surface evenly.

Bake in preheated oven (325 f) for about 20 minutes until the lower surface

of kanafah turned into golden color.

Turn the oven to broil until the upper surface turned into golden color.

Sooner, remove it from the oven.

Add the cold syrup to it evenly.

Cover it with aluminum foil.

Allow it cool.

Divide it into a 12 equal pieces.

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