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Ahmed Hamdy Eissa, originally from Egypt, currently living in Manchester, Connecticut, USA - Software Engineer.

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HoTMail - The world's only *WEB-BASED*, Free email system.

Free Yellow Free Web Site - What Do I get With Free Yellow Free Web Site ? Free 5 Web Pages using Free Yellow templates or do your own HTML, Free Lifetime On Demand E-mail Address, Free Web Page Counters, E-mail Order Forms, Classified Board to post all you buy and sell, Free Online Chat Rooms, Free Access To Free Yellow Online Graphic Library, File Uploading (No FTP needed), and Free Personalized Search Engine.

Adobe Acrobat Free Reader www.adobe.com - The free Adobe(R) Acrobat(R) Reader allows you to view, navigate, and print PDF files across all major computing platforms. Choose the Reader version, platform version, and language version you need from the pop-up lists. Download Links: Download ar32e301.exe from USA Installation Instructions: 1.Download the Acrobat 5.01 Reader installer application. You may need to use the "Save Next Link As..." or "Save to Disk" functions of your Web browser. 2.Download the Acrobat Installer File ( above) 3.Quit your Web browser. 4.Double-click "ar32e301.exe" 5.Follow the instructions on your screen. If there is a failure at any point during the installation of Acrobat Reader 5.01, the installer performs a complete uninstall. For this reason, it is important not to close the installer application by clicking its close box in the upper right corner of the background window after clicking the "Thank You" dialog box that appears at the end of the installation. If you wait for a second or two, the installer will automatically close the background windows after the installation is complete.

TUCOWS.COM - CuteFTP - Free Software for 30 days
File Transfer Protocol is the ability to send and receive files from other computers. You will need to know the name of the file and the address of the site who has the file before ftping (this can be acquired by using Archie).

After linking to TUCOWS.com, select the nearest U.S. state to you, select Windows 95/NT or Windows 3x, select "FTP" section, select CuteFTP, you will be in Save As screen - Save in: Navigator\Program, File Name: 32cftp18.exe, select Save - (483K), Version Number: 1.8 - Date: 12, 1996.

Microsoft Software - (FrontPage 98 Win 32 $149. + Tax - Rebate $40), (Upgrade $59.95 + Tax). 1) Click "Products & Services", 2) Click on "Development Tools", 3) Slect the software you desire such as (Front Page) under "Internet Development Tools". - Create an advertising banner in an Internet home page, then you can use Java Script to rotate the banner every X seconds. It offers unequaled ease of use and surpasses all rivals in its ability to create complex, interactive Web sites with just a few mouse clicks...no other program lets you create a Web site with the same depth of automation, consistency, and convenience. In just 60 minutes, you can build an intranet using Microsoft Office 97, Microsoft FrontPage, and the free Office 97 60 Minute Intranet Kit. Also, Microsoft has a free software "Gif Animator", you will need several .gif files to use them and make them act like they are moving.

Live Image is image Map Editor for WWW. I know of two: Map This! and Live Image. I recommend to use Live Image. "Live Image" Client-side Image Mapping Program for Windows95 and Windows NT 4.0 - New version 1.26 -- uploaded 5/4/97 - 14 day FREE. LiveImage, the only image mapping program that beats Map This at it's own game, with many more features, better interface (yes!) and faster graphic loading.

Map This! is image Map Editor for the WWW.

JAVA World

The Java Developers Kit (JDK) How to download the JDK - Version 1.1.1.

Introduction to Object-Orinted programming Using C++

Learn C++ language itself

Color Tutorial

PC World On-line - This site best viewed with 3.0 or later versions of Netscape 3.0 or Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Plug-Ins - Display a list of available Plug-Ins on your system.

MIME types - Display a list of available MIME types on your system.

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