Consulate General of the Arab Republic of Egypt: - Updated: April 07, 2008

1110 Second Avenue - NY, NY 10022 - 1(212)759-7120/22 (9-2) - Between 58th and 59th St, and 2nd Avenue. Suit 201. Visa for non Egyptian can be up to 6 months renrwal.

VISA: AM to 2 PM, 2 by 2 Picture, American Passport, $15. If you have your old Egyptian passport, a visa is free, and if you have a proof of marriage, then, your wife's visa is free. Passport expiration date must be at least 6 months after the ending date of your stay in Egypt.

Baggage to and from the USA:
For Economy 2 pieces the total of 3 dimensions for any one bag must not exceed 273 cm. Maximum weight for any bag is 32KG. First Class 40 KG per person. Business Class 20 KG per person.

One piece of hand Baggage: Maximum dimensions do not exceed 115 CM.

Travel to Egypt - Visa Application


1. One 2 x 2 recent photo
2. PASSPORT ( valid for 6 months from date of entry to Egypt)
3. FEE -$ 15 per passport for US Citizen (Money order payable to Egyptian Consulate or cash only). No personal or company check please.
For other nationalities, please contact the Consulate.
4. For Non-American, photocopy of green card and round trip ticket.
5. For Business Visa a letter from the company stating purpose of the trip and financial guarantee of the company.
6. Self-addressed-stamped-envelope for certified mail for the return of passport/s.
Via Express mail, please send stamps and label. WE DO NOT ACCEPT ACCOUNT NUMBERS. Please do not send metered stamps. We do not take responsibility for any loss that may occur in the mailing passports.


CUSTOMS DECLARATION - There is no limit on the amount of currency which the visitors may bring to Egypt, however, they must declare the currency and amount on Form D upon arrival and departure with bank receipts. If you are carrying Egyptian Currency, it should not exceed 1,000 L.E.
HEALTH CERTIFICATE - Required only if traveler is coming from an infected area.
VALIDITY - Tourist visas are valid for 6 months from date of issue. Business visas are valid for 3 months from date of issue.
WORK - Holders of tourist visas are not allowed to work in Egypt.
PROCESSING TIME - American applicants who come personally will be processed on the same day. By mail is 5 - 10 working days, excluding mailing time.
Incomplete requirements will delay the visa process.

If you're planning on a trip to Egypt, check the following travel agents before you buy your ticket:

June and July are very expensive. Three months ticket cost more than 2 months ticket. MisrTravel(NY) Mr, Hesham Elkady 1(800) 223-4978
630 5th Avenue, Suit 1460 NY, NY 10111
To Return a ticket OR change dates $100.

"Egypt Air" Reservations 1(800) 334-6787 (M-F 9-8, Sat. 9-5) or 1(212) 581-5600
Egypt Air "Frequent Flyer Program" Application Form 1(212)247-4880 or 1(212) 315-0900

It is more expensive to buy a ticket to Egypt from Egypt Air than to buy the same ticket from Misr Travel Agent.

2011 MisrTravel Agent's Rates to Egypt including (Tax, Fuel), for a Round Trip NY/Cairo nonstop ticket on Egypt Air. Mr. Hesham Elkady (800) 223-4978, (212) 332-2600 Web: Elkady's Email:

Egypt Air Flight Time (Summer and Winter the same time):
Egypt Air fly every day JFK(NY)/Cairo. Egypt Air Leave NY 6:30 PM, and Arriving Cairo 12:25 AM the second day.
Leave Cairo 10:20 AM, and Arriving NY 3:25 PM the same day.

Bradly, CT to Cairo, Egypt: See Delta, KLM, & Alitalia

Travel agents to buy tickets to Egypt:

1) Mr, Hesham Elkady 1(800) 223-4978
630 5th Avenue, Suit 1460 NY, NY 10111.
If you do not have enough vacation time, then, it is better to use Egypt Air.

2) Samah (Samantha Hikal) - Travel Consultant - New York City
Millrun Tours.Inc.,
PH : (212) 486-9840 FAX: 212-223-8129
424 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10017,
She can book for Delta, Air France, & Lufthansa. She is Hesham's friend. She is an Egyptian. You can use frequent flying mileage to get points.

3) United Tourist (718) 238-0100 (M-F & S. 10 - 4) Ismael, Gelan, Amera. (My friend Kamal Omran Aly gave me this number).

4) Amina Ins. and Travel Agency - Jercy City - Amina is very nice lady 1(201) 653-5700, 1(732) 213-7274

5) From Egypt to travel to Turky, Gress, etc. Mohamed Korany (012) 772-9771.

Always buy your ticket from Consolidated Agent
Questions to Ask a Travel Agent, When you're Buying Tickets to Egypt:

1) What Airline should you use?
2) Where the Airline stops over? and for how long?
3) Does the Airline pays for the hotel and food?
4) What time they leave JFK, NY, USA? and what time arrival to Cairo?
5) What time they leave Cairo? and what time arrival to JFK, NY, USA?
6) If you'd like to stop over for 1 or 2 nights, how much more fee?
7) Can you leave your Luggage at the Airport? if yes, how much does it cost? and do you need a Visa?
8) Is the price including mailing the tickets to me?
9) Can you charge it using VISA card without extra 3 1/2% fee?
10) Give the "Travel Agent" the day and time you would like to travel both ways. Also, the Airline's name you prefer. Some are: Egypt Air, DELTA, Britshair, KLM, Air France, Loftahanz, Alitalia, and the Greek airline: Olympic.
11) When a travel agent say you got a better class seat, make sure it is in writing, they lie.

Airlines Servicing Egypt, Information, and Reservation: Egypt Air and All other Airlines. Use it to find out, if there is a plane available on the day you're traveling, time, and other information.

Connecticut Limousine

1(800) 472-5466
- Round Trip (Hartford, CT, USA / JFK - NY) $118 (2/18/04), for 2 people together $122 + $61

72 Hours before coming back from Egypt, make a confirmation for the 2nd part of your trip.

Fridays and Holidays, all Egypt Air Branches in Cairo will tell you the computer is down and will refuse to make a return confirmation.

Always buy your ticket from "Consolidated Agent" who buys seats in advance from different Airlines.

Why we should use "Egypt Air" going to Egypt ? Reservations 1(800) 334-6787 or (212) 315-0900 (M-F 9-8, Sat. 9-5)
Because of the following reasons:
1) Egypt Air flies everyday except Mondays and Wednesdays.
2) Egypt Air and Delta are the only airlines that travel direct (non-stop) to and from Egypt - NY.
3) Egypt Air is not the cheapest price, but it is better service, seats, and convenies travel time.
4) Travel time is a good time, Winter and Summer 11 PM, you reach Egypt by sunset the next day.
5) Egypt Air sometimes allow you to carry more weight going to Egypt - but not leaving Egypt, as long as there is no more than two suit cases per person. Usually no more than 70 pounds per suit case.
6) Delta is Monday, Wednesday and Friday only.
7) Luftahanza Airline stops over Frankfort 2 & 1/2 Hours or 6 Hours depending on which day you travel. Also, it costs more than Egypt Air.
8) 25% discount before $59 Tax for children between 2 and 11 years old.
9) Ticket for 3 months is about $60 more.

Delta (Trans World Airlines) in USA 1(800) 221-2000
1) Call Delta after receiving the tickets from your agent to
- Confirm that the tickets are valid tickets, - Confirm the time,
- Reserve front seats.
- Order Halal meals (Not Vegetarian meals).
2) Call Delta about a week before departure (at least 72 Hours before departure) to reconfirm reservation and give them your birthday, the passport number.
3) Call Delta on the day you are flying to check if there is any delay in departure for Flight Number: xxx.
4) Delta is Monday, Wednesday and Friday only.
5) Delta Leaves USA 9:50 PM - Arrives Cairo 3:35 PM
Delta Leaves Egypt 1:05 AM - Arrives NY 6:00 AM

Delta in Egypt, Cairo (20) 244-1050 Call twice, once when you arrive in Cairo, and once within 72 hours to confirm no changes, and once on the day you're flying to check if any delays in departure for Flight Number: xxx.

The cheapest Airline was Air France, but no seats from Paris to Cairo. Ask them if Air France will pay for a hotel in France.
Linda's ticket includes tax, and better class seat when returning $930 + $20 weekend.
Ahmed's ticket includes tax $890.
If you travel during weekends add $20. to each ticket each way. For a better class (K) add $40. each way, each ticket. I made reservations on August 4th to travel on December 22nd. I could not travel through Air France $800. because from Paris to Cairo was already booked.

Travel Bargin 1(800) 247-3273 (It is not really a bargin $1,366. + Tax).

Sinai Travel 1(212) 581-3200, - Hesham Hagazi

Picasso Travel 1(800) 525-3632, in NY, but travel from Boston is cheaper.
In August KLM $943. + Tax. July 99 $900 + Tax, Oct. 99 $830 + Tax.

Celopatra Travel 10 (AM to 6 PM) (212) 736-0779, - Fax: (212) 736-1425 - Aber (Aby) Ragab

You have to pay in full (within 14 days) from the resevation date, or your resevation will be cancelled. If you did pay by a check, you have to give them 5 business days to cash it. If you did not pay by a check add 3.5%, Ms, Reham, or Aber . I was told, I will receive the tickets as soon as they cash my personal check. They cashed the check and did not send the ticket. I called them over 15 times and I spoke withe 3 different people. To make a long story short, after about 2 months I received the tickets without a cover letter, and the tickets were missing several pages that tell what to carry and what you do not carry with you. I called them, and they refused to send me any information, except they said take 2 luggage per person and no more than 70 pounds per luggage. I felt that they mistreated me. Next time, I have to charge it or go pick the tickets from their office.

Egypt Air Leave NY 11 PM (daily except Mondays and Wednesdays).
Limousine $82. Leaving Cairo to NY 1:30 AM.

Delta $945. + Tax + 3.5% MC charge. Delta is about $22. > Egypt Air, but it charges for extra weight.

Make check payable to: Cleopatra Travel, 15 Penn Plaza, Office 2, Suite 25, NY, NY 10001

If you cancelled your ticket for any reason, they will send it to Egypt Air, which will decide how much you should get back. Usually, less than half, if you get any. You can not change the ticket names, unless by one or two letters.

Round Trip Bus From Farmington CT, to NY City, and link to several Bus Companies.

Try the following travel agents:
Councel Travel - are very expensive & not Consolidated Agent - 1(800) 226-8624, 3, Loft Hanza Air 3 AM
Cheap Tickets Inc. 1(800)377-1000
Travel Tours and Charters, Inc. 1(800) 872-9900
New Frontiers USA, Inc., of NY city 1(800) 366-6387
Brendan Tours of Van Nuys, CA 1(800) 491-9633
Fantastic Holidays of Jericho, NY 1(800) 645-2555
STA Travel 1(800) 781-4040
Magical Holiday of NY city 1(800) 228-2208
Der Travel Service 1(800) 717-4247

AM-Track (Train prices) 1(800) 872-7245
AM-Track (Train packages) ask for brochure 1(800) 321-8684
New Orleans - Lewiziana 3 nights, 1 person $529., Holiday Inn, French quarter. Out of French quarter $575. Hamilton Inn.

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